Top 10 Amazingly Incredible Dog Collars

Brianna loves dog collars. She and Maurice always talk about them whenever possible. Here is a list of their most recent collar lists.

10. Bandana type dog collars: Bandana dog collars are sporty looking. These collars look great on labradors and retrievers. They are great collars for a western motif or a biker style.

9. Rhinestone dog collars: Rhinestone studded dog collars are perfect for poodles and any fluffy lap dogs. Pomeranians look precious in rhinestone collars. These collars are great for female dogs. They are more attractive than bandana collars.

8. Tartan plaid collars: Tartan plaid collars are naturally ideal for Scottie dogs and West Highland terriers. They are cute on any kind of small terrier. They also look great paired with a coordinating doggy sweater, and are more practical than rhinestone collars.

7. Rivet-studded collars: Collars studded with rivets are more all-purpose than tartan collars. Nearly all short-haired dogs look good with rivet-studded collars. These collars are compatible for any male dogs.

6. Furry collars: Furry collars are far more fun than rivet-studded collars. You can get fuzzy furry collars in all colors. They look cute on tiny, short-haired dogs like chihuahuas and ‘weiner dogs’.

5. Leather collars: Leather dog collars are superior to furry ones because they wear well and last a long time. These collars look great on sporty dogs like spaniels and German shepherds. You can get leather collars in all colors too.

4. Shiny patent or vinyl collars: Shiny patent and vinyl collars are better than leather collars because they are more fun. These come in bright and splashy colors. Fancy dogs like poodles and lhasa apsos look great in these collars.

3. Spike collars: Spike dog collars are hard to beat. They are better because they exude a macho air. Bulldogs are a great match for spiked collars. I had a bulldog in a show several years back and we had the most astounding response to the dog collar we chose. It was a custom spiked collar with all different sized spikes that had a chain connect the middle of all of them. It was adorable. The judges were instantly captivated.

2. Polka dot collars: Polka dot collars are more fashionable than spike collars. All female dogs can wear polka dot collars. These collars are a throw-back to fifties pin-up styles.

1. Pink dog collars: Pink dog collars are best because they make every dog into a fashion princess. Pink dog collars are ideal for celebrity dogs. Pink dog collars make every day a party for your dog.