The Top 3 Cat-eye Glasses From Lafont Eyewear

Want to know one of the best ways to get the perfect retro look this season? Fashion shows from designers around the world are displaying clothes with major influences from the sixties, and cat-eye glasses are the perfect accessory for your vintage-inspired outfit. From the runway to your very own wardrobe, Lafont eyewear makes some of the best feline frames in the business, including Greta, Gilda, and Hype.

1.Lafont Greta eyeglasses Greta is a feminine and sexy cat-eye shaped pair of glasses, accented by two dot accents in each of the rims corners. The plastic frame is the most authentic look of this kind in Lafonts lineup, with the designer maintaining the original shape for a classic and true style. It is available in glossy black, panther, tortoise, clear pink, and clear purple.

2.Lafont Gilda eyeglasses The Gilda frame is a less extreme version of the cat-eye, with softer angles and a thinner rim. While Greta comes in solid colors, Gilda is embellished with a subtle Victorian design in the flared corners. These Lafont glasses are available in all black, black/gold, black/blue, black/green with tortoise arms, and red. Two-tone options feature the second color in the bottom rim as well as the corner design.

3.Lafont Hype eyeglasses Of the three most popular cat-eye glasses that Lafont creates, Hype is the simples shape. From the brands Issy & La collection, this particular style has a thin rim, subtle flare in the corners, and small arm pieces that do not overpower the fun shape of the frame. While the outside is a solid color that seems quite sophisticated, the inside of the temples are where Lafont gets funky. You can choose from black with yellow and pink patterned accents, black with green, pink with light pink, and tortoise.

Lafont creates some of the most playful designer eyeglasses out there. With such a vast selection, it Is virtually impossible not to find the perfect look for you – whether you want an understated frame for professional settings, a totally artistic look that shows off the true you, or retro glasses to keep up with todays hottest trends.