Chicken Soup Dog Food Because You Love Your Dog You’ll Love This Food

One of the enhanced foods you can get for your dog is chicken soup dog food. With the title of Chicken Soup For The Pet Lover’s Soul standing behind it you know it has to be good.

Even though this dog food is less expensive than premium brands of dog food it has good quality ingredients. Chicken, turkey, chicken meal, turkey meal, whole grain white and brown rice and fruit are its primary ingredients, and no chemical preservatives.

With these ingredients chicken soup dog food is considered an all natural dog food. It has earned the prestigious designation as one of the approved dry dog foods by the Whole Dog Journal.

Chicken soup dog food comes in a variety of dry and canned for every stage of your dogs’ life from puppy to senior. With the natural ingredients it is also a great diabetic dog food and a high fiber dog food.

The book Chicken Soup For The Pet Lover’s Soul was so respected by pet lovers everywhere the writers decided to make a nutritious dog food that our dogs would also like to eat.

It took many hours of finding the best ingredients for a healthy dog food but after that chicken soup dog food was created.

Dogs have many needs the most important one being their nutrition. To keep your dog healthy and happy you need to give them a dog food you can trust.

Chicken soup dog food meets every nutritional need our dogs have. It also has glucosamine, which I personally have never seen listed as an ingredient in a dog food. My vet said that since my own dog is large and getting older that glucosamine would be good for his arthritis. I think it’s great that I can find this in a dog food without having to make homemade dog food.

The number one ingredient in chicken soup dog food is fresh never frozen hormone free chicken. This provides a healthier more satisfying, wholesome meal for your dog.

When looking for different dog foods for my dog I needed something that would fill him up but not make him overweight. He is a large dog weighing over 90 pounds. Finding a dog with good wholesome food and not a lot of fillers was very important.

When I found chicken soup dog food I was excited. It meets all of his needs and he likes it, I’m sure your dog will too.