Benefits of Owning a Dog

If you own a dog then you’re probably aware of the benefits of having your pooch in the home. There are numerous advantages to looking after a dog, some of which you may know and other which could surprise you.

Emotional Benefits

Having the companionship of loyal friend means you’ll also reap in the benefits emotionally, even more so if you live alone or have suffered a personal trauma. Scientific studies prove that having a dog enhances your mood so makes you feel more relaxed and calmer. Due to the release of endorphins and serotonin in the company of a dog, scientists have proved we are less susceptible to depression and stress when we care for a dog – simply patting a dog for a short time will help elevate any anxieties.

Physical Health Benefits

Dogs can provide a range of health benefits for both their owners and other people living with them. By simply taking your dog out for walks gives you both exercise which in turn results in lower cholesterol and blood pressure, not to mention keeping you fit and healthy! Additionally, by having a dog living in your home lessens any medical problems such as reducing allergies, eczema, asthma and boosting immunity due to humans being exposed to germs and bacteria that they bring into the home. This is especially true for young children who have grown up with their doggy pals. Even if you are house-bound and have to rely on the services of dog walking Notting Hill professionals to take your hound out for exercise, you’ll still be able to have your four-legged friends at home with you to enhance your physical well-being.

Additional Benefits

Being responsible: taking care of our pet can teach us responsibilities and a commitment to looking after our hound through dog walking, feeding and general dog care. Security: having a dog in your home as an alternative security system will help to deter intruders entering your premises, even when you’re at home. Sociability: taking your dog for a walk can often lead to making new friends, both from other dog owners and passersby. Calm children: having a pet in your home can have considerable calming affects on children when they are hyper-active or behave aggressively. Dogs are fun: simply playing and cuddling up to your pooch is likely to uplift you and bring a smile about your face – and it’s all for free!