Animal Print Rugs, Cowhides & Reindeer Hides At Citycows

Animal Print, Cowhide, Reindeer rugs and really any type of animal skin rug can really add the finishing touch to a new fashionable household. It is back IN and something that is becoming more and more popular, to have some Animal Hides either used as rugs in your living room or even hanging as a decorative piece of furniture in the dining or bedroom. While it can be a great addition to your home or office furniture collection, you do have to be careful to get a hide or skin that is of good quality and one that will feel great and last for many years.

Here at CityCows we believe in things that last and bring comfort, and we strive to provide the UK with the widest variety of top quality hides and rugs directly from South America. Whether you have just moved to a new property or are just looking to add to what you already have at home, one of our rugs will definitely look good and feel great. We supply Animal Print Rugs throughout the UK in all sizes and also we have anything from Cowhide Rugs to Reindeer hides from Sheepskins to Zebra prints, basically if you want a good quality animal hide or animal skins then you need not look further than

Come and take a look around the online store today or make an appointment for a visit with one of our friendly sales staff at our London Address. A Cowhide Rug, Reindeer skins or any of our selection of animal hide can be bought online but sometimes making the final decision can be difficult and that is why we offer you the chance to come and feel the Cow Hides or a Reindeer skin (Whichever takes your fancy) to see which you prefer.

We look forward to taking your call or meeting to discuss which of our products will best suit your home or office. CityCows provides the top quality ranges at great prices, check it out for yourself at