What Do Cats Eat For Basic Nutrition

Cats are also known as obligate carnivores which mean that they must consume meat like fishes and mice for basic nutrition. Just because they look cute and furry, you cannot expect her to graze out in pastures like cows and sheep.

The digestive tract of cats has been shortened and what they consume from fishes and mice meat contained optimized proteins. Unlike cows, sheep and even us, they simply do not have dental and digestive apparatus to process plants and vegetables unless they are well-grinded into tiny pieces. That explains why you may see some cats nibbling on tiny stalks from time to time.

A number of reasons arise from this from what people concluded after observing their behaviour. Maybe they are tired of eating fishes everyday and want something new for a change. Or they chew those stalks once and became addicted to the taste. Or they just did them out of curiosity. Whichever the actual reason may be, one thing remains certain.

Cats have feelings and thinking like us humans even if they are pets. It is very obvious from their reactions when you feed them. Either they started tucking in right away out of hunger. Or they just stared at the food or you before walking away. They could either be feeling unwell or as I just said above, they are no longer interested in what you have been feeling them.

Fortunately in the 21st century, we no longer need to spend time figuring what our cats like or do not like. Apart from fishes and mice which is all most of us know as cats’ food in theory, there are plenty of great nutritional meal product in pet stores and supermarkets to choose from.

Most manufacturers, suppliers and shop owners are extremely particular about the food quality so as to help the cat grow and develop its potential naturally and well.

But even so, cats do not like to have too much variety. They just pick one which they like eating and stick to it for life. Yet for a start you have to experiment with different foods or even consult with vet before finding out what your cat or cats like most and whether she likes is suitable for long-term.

Nutritional requirements for your cat vary in ages, portion and size. What she needs as kitten will be different from what she needs as cat. As much as you want to make your cat happy all the time, you also need to follow the instructions on the cans or from shop owners. Such as not feeding it with too little or too much.

Studies have shown that most cat need about 1 full cup of food everyday. They also want to be fed at certain times. If you can, feed them well before you eat your dinner. Otherwise it could be quite distracting when they keep looking at you or even try to climb up the chair or table while you eat by yourself or with family.

Not all we eat are suitable to cats. Snacks like chocolate, potato chips and preserved food contain fats, salt and sugar may be pleasing them in taste. But if you keep feeding them, they will become fat and overweight. Same goes for burgers and French fries.

When feeding them with fishes, be sure to remove all bones or cut the fish into tiny pieces which are easier for them to digest. Like us humans, cats do choke at times if they are too hungry and eat too fast. For meat like chicken, mutton and pork, it is best to mince them after removing the bones. But for baked beans, corn and mashed potatoes, that will not be necessary.

Other than food, be sure to feed them with water, fresh milk and fruit juice so as to provide them with additional vitamins.

With that said, this is what cats basically eat for nutrition.

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