Donkey Stuffed Animal

With the release of the movie Shrek in 2001, followed by Shrek 2 in 2004, Shrek the Third in 2007, along with the soon to come Shrek Forever After, donkey stuffed animals did and will again, fly off the shelves. Given the popularity of Donkey, Shrek’s sidekick and best friend, it’s no surprise that children are drawn to donkey stuffed animals. Of course, donkey stuffed animals are not limited to just Donkey from Shrek, but he is certainly lots of fun and as a result makes a very worthwhile donkey stuffed animal to have.

The actual donkey started being used by humans around 3000 BC as work animals to carry things from one place to another. Donkey’s were also used for riding and to help plow fields. Unlike horses, donkey’s are much more of an all terrain animal, thus can handle even the most difficult types of areas for walking. Also unlike horses, they are not as easily spooked by loud noises and the like. When one thinks of donkey’s, their penchant for stubbornness likely comes to mind, but it’s not being stubborn that is their issue they have a keen sense of their own well-being and safety, so they won’t do anything that jeopardizes it. Donkey’s are quite independent and will reason things out and then make a decision based on how safe it is for them.

Animal Print Rugs, Cowhides & Reindeer Hides At Citycows

Animal Print, Cowhide, Reindeer rugs and really any type of animal skin rug can really add the finishing touch to a new fashionable household. It is back IN and something that is becoming more and more popular, to have some Animal Hides either used as rugs in your living room or even hanging as a decorative piece of furniture in the dining or bedroom. While it can be a great addition to your home or office furniture collection, you do have to be careful to get a hide or skin that is of good quality and one that will feel great and last for many years.

Here at CityCows we believe in things that last and bring comfort, and we strive to provide the UK with the widest variety of top quality hides and rugs directly from South America. Whether you have just moved to a new property or are just looking to add to what you already have at home, one of our rugs will definitely look good and feel great. We supply Animal Print Rugs throughout the UK in all sizes and also we have anything from Cowhide Rugs to Reindeer hides from Sheepskins to Zebra prints, basically if you want a good quality animal hide or animal skins then you need not look further than

Home Remedies To Remove Cat’s Urine Odor

As a cat owner, you will often face cat’s urine odor problem. It doens’t matter if cats urinate in washable surface, but, what about if they urinate on your carpet and even on your bed?. Keep reading to find some home remedies you can try to remove cat’s urine odor.

But first, you need to know why your cat stop using his litter box: