Capturing the Animal’s Essence on Canvas

Whenever she works at home, this graphic artist is haunted by a bunch of little faces. Most of the time spent at home is used up for work that just seems to lack color. Outside her office sit four dogs and four cats, watching her through a screened door.

A new career entered her mind when she saw the faces. She was on her way to visit her parents when she thought of her animals and started to paint their pictures. She does not use the color of the animal per se in her painting, but the color that she feel through its personality.ty.

She says that her goal when she paints an animal is to capture their essence. Knowing the personality of the animals allows me recreate it with colors. The first painting she made was medium sized dog she and her husband saw during a camping trip. It was a dog which never left the couple, and whose color was red.

To illustrate the jealous side of her dog, she used green. An artist before her had painted animals using nontraditional colors too. Inspired by the passing away of his beloved canine, a cajun artist created a portrait of a blue dog with red eyes.

People would really notice the blue dog in her paintings. While people may find a certain playfulness in the blue dog paintings, there is actually a serious and darker side in how the artist views the paintings. These funny looking paintings actually present deeper meanings about life and death. The dog gives us a stare and makes us think about how to answer the questions that we ourselves often ask.

She determines to make her art reflect the spirit of the animal. Bright colors and odd patterns are what she picks out for her portraits. The animals, which she now owns, were either in the shelters or wandering the streets. The latest dog she adopted was going from one neighbor’s house to another.

To advertise herself as a pet portrait maker, she placed fliers in local veterinarian offices. Clients are requested to provide photos and descriptions of their animal’s personalities, she says. When she knows the animal already personally, then she’ll know what colors to use. There is just something that these portraits give that satisfies customers, said the owner.

The energy she exhibits was caught in the bright yellow hue used in the portrait. A subject in a portrait that is familiar to people would attract those people to the painting, said an art gallery owner. Looking at a portrait is not the same as appreciating its artistry.

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