Alley Cat bowling Ball Oven

Alley Cat bowling Ball Oven

Finally there is an affordable professional quality Bowling Ball Oven. The Alley Cat Ball Oven is the safest, most effective way to rejuvenate reactive resin bowling equipment. By using gentle, even heating, the Alley Cat Ball Oven pulls absorbed oil out of your reactive resin equipment, making balls perform like new again. The Alley Cat is a vast improvement over previous and current models of ball oven that have been on the market. It is much more affordable for the average bowler, and has several safety features built in to protect equipment.

The Alley Cat ball Oven has an adjustable one hour timer, and a temperature cut-off to ensure that balls are not overheated or baked for too long. Some models also have temperature controls in order to precisely meet manufacturer specifications for heating temperatures. Other models on the market are lacking in these safety and customization features. With prices starting at on $369.00 for the Original Alley Cat Ball Oven single ball rejuvenator, the Alley Cat Oven can keep your equipment out of the Pro Shop and performing like new on the lanes.>

One of the biggest concerns to bowlers today, whether ameteuar or professional, is the longevity of their equipment. With the advent of reactive resin bowling balls, bowlers have noticed that after 40-60 games, their balls start to lose their hook. This is due to the porous resin absorbing lane oil. There have ben several methods proposed to rejuvenate bowling equipment, including using kitty litter, dunking balls in hot water, and using chemical cleaners to remove oil. All of these methods are relatively ineffective and can lead to damage, including cracked, unuseable equipment. The safest, most effective way of removing absorbed lane oil is to gently and evenly heat a bowling ball over a period of time.

Pro Shops often charge anyware from $20-$50 per ball for rejuvenation, which can become costly for bowlers who prefer to use several different balls. Previous home heating methods have also been unsafe, due to a lack of temperature and time controls. Bowlers have reported damage from too rapid of heating, exceeding recommended temperatures and baking times, and rapid cooling after the baking process. Our Alley Cat Ball Ovens make baking your equipment at home safe, easy and affordable.

The Alley Cat Ball Oven is a fully insulated oven, equiped with a thermostat and a timer, and is as simple to use as a toaster oven. All of our ovens are regulated so that they will never exceed 140 degrees, preventing ball damage, and are designed with forced air circulation for even heating of the entire ball surface. Our professional model includes an adjustable thermostat so that the oven can be set to ideal manufacturer specifications for each ball that is baked.

The Alley Cat ball Oven, affordable professional quality Bowling Ball Oven.