Try These 5 Natural Home Remedies For Dogs

Many dog owners rely heavily on natural remedies for dogs rather than potentially unsafe commercial products because they’re concerned that some medications and food additives will endanger their pet’s good health.

I’m sure you and many other pet owners think about the safety and purity of over-the-counter pet products available from your pet supply store and even from your veterinarian.

You certainly have reason for concern after hearing some of the horror stories about imported pet food or when reading the extensive list of chemicals and other questionable ingredients found in most pet products.

In addition to the benefits they can provide for your dog, you can buy these and most other natural remedies very easily at your grocery store.


Just about everyone has some form of garlic in their kitchen. While most people frequently reach for the garlic to season foods and recipes, they don’t think to use it as a very efficient flea repellant for their pets.

Feeding a small clove of garlic every two days or three times a week to dogs weighing about 50 pounds will keep him/her flea free.

Olive oil, mineral oil and almond oil

You can use olive oil, mineral oil or almond oil to satisfy a variety of pet needs. For example, apply these common oils to ward off ear mites and treat your dog’s ear infections.

Vitamin E

Many people sooth their own irritated dry skin with Vitamin E. Therefore, if your dog is suffering from the same malady due to allergies, try giving your pet Vitamin E for relief. The quick, positive results will surprise you.


If your dog is constantly scratching and itching due to allergies, try adding oats to his/her bath water. A cupful can soothe irritated skin.

Epsom salts

If your dog has sore or irritated feet, try adding Epsom salts to water then soaking your pets paws in the solution. But make sure you rinse and dry your pet’s paws thoroughly and make sure he/she doesn’t drink the mineral-saturated water.

These are just a few natural home remedies that provide easy, safe, inexpensive and effective results to remedy your dog’s healthcare problems.

In the long run, applying these and other natural home remedies is a simple and easy way to maintain your pet’s good health and ward off serious illnesses.

Sure it’s nice to avoid expensive vet bills. But keeping your dog and other pets healthy and happy is a great and satisfying reward you’ll enjoy in addition to saving money.