The Home Brew Bottle – Advantages of Using PET Beer Bottles Over Traditional Glass

If you are in the market to start brewing at home, or if you have already started, there are several facets of the process that are worth considering, such as the type of container you would like to use. However, once you have decided between kegs or bottles, it still needs to be narrowed down from there. For instance, if you opt for a home brew bottle over the keg, you have the option of glass, or plastic. This article is going to concentrate on the advantages of using PET bottles, and how they might benefit you for each circumstance.

The first advantage in using plastic for your home brew bottle is that PET is advantageous in cost, as plastic Is typically less expensive than glass. This is always a benefit for anyone, but especially those who are starting out in the brewing process. The reason is because there are other costs involved in getting started, as there are in any new project. However, saving money in areas that won’t affect the end result will allow a little extra to be spent on other pieces of equipment. It’s always good to cut costs where you are able to, as long as it doesn’t sacrifice the quality of your product.

PET, a material often used in a variety of bottles other than a home brew bottle, is also lighter in weight. This allows for easier handling during the brewing process, as well as for transferring from one location to another. Just imagine carrying full bottles up a few flights of stairs. The difference in weight between the PET home brew bottle and the glass version is going to make an impact, especially when they are filled. You can make it easier on yourself by utilizing plastic.

Safety is Beneficial with Using PET

Perhaps the most significant difference between a PET home brew bottle, and one made from glass, is that they are shatterproof. Even though this is a noteworthy difference for everyday use, think of how valuable it would be in settings where the bottles could easily break, such as the beach, pool, parks, transporting, and even storage. For example, if you are lounging around the pool, you could enjoy a cold brew without the worries of your bottle shattering on the concrete with vulnerable bare feet around.

A plastic home brew bottle is also more convenient when it comes to storage. Since it’s lighter in weight, and less likely to shatter, you can store them just about anywhere you can find room. Most people have limited storage and struggle to find enough room to store anything, especially something as fragile as glass. However, the available storage is less limiting for even one home brew bottle, let alone an entire batch of them, if you choose to use PET bottles rather than glass.

So, you can see the advantages of a PET bottle system are numerous, and well worth looking into. Whether the reason is cost, convenience, or safety choosing plastic just makes sense for at least part of your home brewing. If you would rather not make a complete switch over to the PET home brew bottle concept, there is no reason at all why you can’t use both. Simply use the plastic for when it would be more beneficial, and save the glass for other times. Whatever you decide, home brewing is an enjoyable experience.