Great Pet Gifts for Pampered Pets

What do you buy for the pet parents who have everything?

For most, pets are members of the family. And as such, we spoil them just like we do our children. It is not unusual to encounter friends who indulge their pets to the point it seems the pet already has everything.

When looking for a gift for people whose pet is the center of all things, there are some tactics you can employ to help you decide on the perfect gift for the pet parents on your list without spending a lot of money.

First, the great variety of pet parents’ personalities is unmatched only by the variety of the pets’ personalities. One option is to match the gift with parents’ lifestyle, or you can match the gift with the pets’ personality.

Pet Parent Lifestyles:

The Bachelor

· Leather or padded dog collar

Consider a studded collar for the burly pet parent.

· Sports team-themed dog jersey

Any sports loving pet parent will love these for game days!

· Extra-durable pet Frisbee

Men love playing Frisbee with their pet at the dog park or beach.

The Fashionista

· Trendy dog food and water bowls

A stylish set of dog dishes is a must.

· A rhinestone studded dog collar

Every self-respecting fashionable dog has multiple sparkly collars -one in every color.

· Heating or cooling pad

No one care more for their pets’ comfort in super-hot and bitter-cold weather.

The Home Décor Diva

· Elevated dog feeders

These dog dishes come in every type of material and style that will complement any décor.

· Pet door-bell

Automatically signals when Fifi is ready to come inside after doing her business.

· Bone shaped decorative throw pillows

These cute pillow come in designs to match practically every home design.

The Traveler

· Seat covers for vehicles

No more dirty or scratched up seats in your car or truck.

· GPS locator collar

Never worry about losing your pet in an unfamiliar place every again.

· Pet carrier or stroller

Pet parents on the go will appreciate either of these.

Pets’ Personality:

Working Dogs

· Competition or command whistle

Communicating with your hunting dogs is easier than ever.

· Trainer travel pen

Whether traveling for hunts or shows, a travel pen is essential.

· Joint and digestion vitamins

Working dogs absolutely need to replenish lost minerals and nutrients to keep them in top shape.

Water Loving Dogs

· Dog life jacket

Even though dogs can swim, a life jacket ensures their safety.

· Dog boat ladder

Make it easier for your dog to get back in the boat.

· Poolside lounge mat

Let your furry friend cool down and relax on a poolside lounging mat.

Retired Dogs

· Orthopedic bed

Aging dogs need extra support to keep them comfortable while sleeping so that they get fully rested.

· Pet ramp or steps

Just like people, older pets need help getting up or down from heights they used to be able to jump.

· Soft chew toy

Pets’ teeth aren’t able to chew hard toys like they used to.

Dogs in Training

· Agility starter equipment

The tools available are endless and range from jumps and tunnels to weave poles, a-frames, dog walks, pause tables, seesaws and more.

· Show leashes

Competition dogs are required to have regulation type leashes.

· Ball launcher

It not only throws a ball further than you ever thought possible, it can pick them up, too! No more dog slobber on your hands!

This is just a sampling of the ideas for gifts for the pet parent who has everything. There are countless items made specifically for our pets regardless of the personality of the pet or the lifestyle of the pet parent.

Important Things That Gourmet Pet Treats Business Owners Must Ensure

Passionate dog owners who pamper their canine companions with special gourmet treats know just how their furry friends can benefit from well-chosen chow. Aside from satisfying the palate of man’s best friend, the best natural selection of gourmet pet treats are nutritious & fresh for most of their shelf life.

Most gourmet treats that come in different flavors look yummy enough to be consumed by humans, and are designed with utmost care and detail, but look again. Are they safe enough to be eaten by your beloved pooches & feline friends? When buying at pet food stores or dog bakeries, make sure you know when the treats were made and what ingredients went into them.

Gourmet pet treats make nice rewards for dogs in training, but make sure you’re purchasing from reliable stores. You wouldn’t want to give anything less to your talented, adorable and playful pooches. Choose gourmet treats made from ingredients that dogs will find tasty an d which throw in some meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates.There are also premium quality dog treats that help freshen doggie breath & clean teeth, and improve digestion. The best natural treats for cats, on the other hand, help cats stay fit & healthy.

Given the rising demand for quality pet chow, it’s not surprising to find enterprising pet lovers venturing into the gourmet pet treats business. To keep business brisk, gourmet pet treats business operators – especially those who love & value their own pet dogs & cats — know the importance of adhering to a few cardinal rules. These include not resorting to deceptive advertising. Another all-important rule is to use only healthy ingredients. Good business operators committed to offering pet food products with superior palatability and nutrition avoid toxic fillers and artificial additives. So before you splurge on an amazing new line of gourmet pet treats or begin your own business make sure that the products will enhance your animal friends’ health & overall wellness. Opt for pet treats made with organic ingredients laden with vitamins and minerals and which contribute to a stronger immune system, less allergies, and lead to more energetic, happier pets. Learn more learning the ropes of starting a gourmet pet treats business from home by checking out online guides and updating your knowledge with insider tips.

Easy Pet Training Techniques – 3 Simple Steps to Train your Dog

Dog training is an integral part of maintaining a healthy relationship between you and your pet. There are various pet books available at discount pet supply stores, but if you are looking for the cliff notes, I recommend this type of pet training formula. A typical 3-step procedure in caring for your animal should follow these 3 guidelines: Discipline, Exercise and Reward.


A dog more so than any other pets needs discipline. This is simply because the Canine species is one of the more social and trainable domestic pets. You don’t want your Labrador going crazy when company comes over or a Shepherd that barks at the moon. So, in order to train your pet, you must show it that you are the boss.

In the animal Kingdom, there is a hierarchy and this hierarchy is natural in pack animals, such as your dog. So, you simply show it that you are the leader. In order to do this, you must act like the leader. This means that your pet should follow you in and out of rooms, doorways or even on a leash. Never let your pet lead you and if it tries to go around you cut off its path just like a real Alpha male would do. Shorten your leash to 12in if your pet continuously pulls forward on the leash. Teach your pet discipline and never reward anything but the absolute best behavior. This stage requires much patience from the pet owner and is a crucial part of a healthy pets life. Remember you are training your pet, not the other way around.


Another critical aspect of training your pet is exercise. Certain breeds will require more exercise then others. Typically it is the working breed type dogs that require the most. For these types of pets a 45-minute per day workout session is crucial. Whenever possible you should workout with your dog. Whether it is throwing a ball, going for a jog or just walking around in the woods, this time is integral in bonding with your pet. Be sure to have a good dog leash or harness for your pet if you live in a busy part of town.

Typically dogs that are destructive or overly aggressive aren’t getting enough exercise. If your pet isn’t tired at night, run them during the day. If you give your dog adequate exercise it will help him or her calm down and be more responsive to training. Have a spot for your dog to sleep and ensure that they lay down there consistently. For outside dogs provide a dog house or structure and for inside dogs pet beds will work nicely. This again shows the dog their place in this household.


Rewarding your animal can mean many different things. To a pet, reward may mean a treat, a nice scratch on the butt or playing ball. Keep that in mind when you are training your pet. You don’t want to come home and immediately love on your pet, because it may see that as reward for an action. Instead come home and ask your pet to sit or shake, then reward them with a hug or scratch. When you pet behaves badly, you do not hit your pet or hurt your pet, but rather do not reward your pet and ignore your pet. Remember, your pet sees attention as reward. In fact, you should often ignore your pet as you walk into the room.

Have you ever seen puppies or inferior dogs run up and lick an Alpha male? Of course you have, that’s the way they show they are subordinate. How does the alpha male react? He simply ignores them or shuns them away with a snarl.

Now remember the same holds true for this hierarchy. Your pets runs up to you and licks you or jumps on you, it wants attention, provide it only after a desired action and sometimes ignore it all together. This lets your pet know, you are the king and a pet that knows its place is much easier to train.

Pet Training can last a short period of time or a long period of time, but is totally dependent on the owner. When you train your pet don’t think like a human, think like a dog. How a dog interacts with other dogs, how they like to run and play and what makes them feel like they were rewarded. Pet owners often need more training then their pets. Follow these three steps and your dog is guaranteed to respond.

Pet Gate Purchasing – The Value of Free Shipping

Shopping online is always a bit of an adventure, and purchasing a pet gate online is no different. This article will explore the true value of “free shipping”.

Finding the right pet gate for your needs is always the first step in the process. Don’t waste time searching by price, because that will just confuse the whole picture, and you may end up with a pet gate that is a compromise at best and quite possibly a lesser quality gate.

You should always start your online search by looking for pet gates that match your needs. Search for the size of gate you need, then filter these by the quality you want and the design that best suits your home or office.

Once you have narrowed the selection down to the gates that you are truly interested in, the next and final step is pricing.

All online stores will have the same price components attached to the final price you pay. Every online product, whether it is a pet gate or something else needs to factor in,

  • the manufacturer’s wholesale price
  • the manufacturer’s distribution cost to the retailer
  • a profit margin
  • shipping costs to the customer
  • state taxes (if applicable)

Now here’s the rub. The cost of shipping a pet gate fluctuates significantly from one sale to the next.

We all know that shipping costs are a combination of distance from supplier to customer, weight of the package and dimensions of the package. The shipping issue associated with pet gates, is that they tend to come in all sizes, shapes and materials, and this can impact the shipping costs significantly.

A pet gate can range in width from 24 inches to 12 feet. It can be constructed from wood, steel, aluminum or mesh, and it can have heights from 20 inches to 40 inches.

As a result, when an online store offers “free shipping”, the value associated with the shipping costs can range dramatically. In my own pet gate store, I have seen shipping costs amount to anywhere from $8 to as high as $120.

If you are not sure how to compare the price tag on a particular gate between two or more online stores, some with free shipping and some without, the hints below should help.

  • most pet gate manufacturers are near the east coast, the closer to the east coast you live, the cheaper the shipping costs.
  • make sure you know which online stores will charge you a state tax and which ones don’t.
  • the bigger the gate you purchase the greater the shipping costs.
  • extra tall pet gates may be outside the norms for package sizes as defined by the delivery services. This would add dimension fees to the shipping costs, so consider extra tall pet gates as having greater shipping costs than smaller gates of the same width.

You should always attach a minimum value of $15 to any free shipping offer, and go up from there.

  • add $10 if the gate is extra tall
  • add $10 dollars if the gate is wider than 46 inches
  • add $10 dollars if you are located in the central states
  • add $20 if you are located in a western state

The bottom line is not to fret too much if you have found the gate that truly suits your needs and where you believe the price tag is reasonable.

The value of the free shipping can range anywhere from $15 to $50, so my advice is not to be too concerned if you have more than one store offering the gate you want and they are all within $25 of each other. Simply pick the store that your are most comfortable with, and enjoy the beauty and functionality of the gate you have purchased.