Home Business Start Up — Advertising Sales Consultant

Vital Information:

Start-up Investment:

$200 (1st months advertising expense) $400 – $1700 (computer or laptop)

Break-even time: 2 months

Estimate of Annual Revenue and Profit: Revenue $40,000-150,000

Typical Fees: Commissions range from 5% – 20%

Advertising: Direct Mail, Classified ads in trade journals, customer referral incentives Web Site

Greatest Expense: Telephone Bill

The Possibilities of Owning a Home Based Advertising Consulting Business are Immeasurable

Why? Think about it…how many businesses, large and small, can’t use greater exposure for their products or services?

Why not create a Home Based Business that satisfies the needs of other businesses?

An Advertising Sales Representative, Home Business can be quite lucrative.

Here are two examples of how you might approach this Home Business Opportunity:

Your job as an Advertising Sales Representative is to locate “Quality Trade publications” as well as Classified ad locations which targets the customer of the Company you are advertising for.

It’s best to begin with one niche and then expand into another.

Let’s assume that your specialty is in the area of pets. You just love animals. You read magazines; you attend various pet shows…

If you don’t have an area of specialty, you’ll need to research an area of interest.

You’ll need to contact various publications related to your advertisor’s product or service which provide advertising space. Inform the advertising departments of these publications that you intend to run ongoing advertisements for numerous companies.

Since your advertisements will run on an ongoing basis, you’ve increased the value of the publication to its reader, in that you’ve assisted the publication in exposing its readers to additional resources.

Since you are providing a substantial value to the Publications readers’ and thus the publication itself, request a preferred advertisor’s discount.

Ensure that you are made aware of each publications demographics. You’ll want to know the size of the circulation, average age of its readers, average income…as much information as possible. Record this information on index cards or database for easy access.

On the other end of your business, you’ll focus on contacting various stores and other pet related organizations–in this case, pet stores and organizations. You’ll offer these businesses an opportunity to utilize your advertising services.

Explain to your potential advertiser that you’ll publish their company’s advertisement in specified number of highly targeted publications.

Of course, you’ll inform the business owner that that his or her business can benefit by using your services since your company is able to provide highly targeted advertising at a fraction of normal advertising costs.

You can also offer a “preferred customer discount” which is only offered to customers who run ongoing advertisements.

Research quality, targeted publications and then contact each to request a 1.5 – 5 inch ad. Place 3 – 7 advertisements from 3-7 different advertisor’s into this one advertisement spaces. Of course, you’ll need to call your organization something like: “Love Your Pet-Coop.”

What have you accomplished?

You’ve provided for your advertisers, great exposure in quality publications. You’ve added credibility to your advertisers since there are multiple companies listed.

You’ve increased the value of the publication in that you’ve provided additional resources for its readers.

For the cost of one advertisement, you’ve listed several.

You’ve earned a percentage of the advertisement costs.

Benefits to owning a Home Based Advertising Business

Flexible schedule

Your office is wherever you are

Low overhead

Steady income

Continual growth

Tax benefits

A different approach to owning an Advertising Sales Business

Group promotional coupons from several types of related organizations… Using the above example…a pet store and a pet supply store.

Purchase quality mailing lists of individuals and groups who purchase items related to pets.

Place all of the promotional coupons along with your business card into an envelope and then mail the envelope to the individuals and groups on the purchased list.

Alternatively, you can create a coupon card that lists multiple businesses. Consider using a paper folding service provided by Kinko’s, Office Depot… to fold your sheet into 3 segments. Using a folding service will provide a crisp, professional look.

Folding the page into 3 segments allows you to mail the pieces without need for envelopes.

As an alternative to using 8 x 11.5 sheets, some Advertising Sales Representatives use standard post card sized ad sheets. One benefit to this approach is decreased mailing costs. Another benefit, if you’re just starting out, is that you can easily fill the space of a post card.

Tips for running your Home Based Advertising Sales Business:

Always include your own advertisements when advertising for your customer.

Ensure that you advertise in quality publications

Ensure that you purchase quality mailing lists

Ensure that you ask your customers for referrals to related businesses.

If you use the 3 segmented, full page method, consider folding your sheet with the ads listed on The outside. This allows the customer to see immediately, that your offer is of interest to them.

Pay attention to deadlines Make frequent inquiries with your advertisers regarding whether or not their customers are using their coupons and why.

Operating an advertising Sales business can be quite lucrative and is limited only by your creativity and fortitude.

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The Home Brew Bottle – Advantages of Using PET Beer Bottles Over Traditional Glass

If you are in the market to start brewing at home, or if you have already started, there are several facets of the process that are worth considering, such as the type of container you would like to use. However, once you have decided between kegs or bottles, it still needs to be narrowed down from there. For instance, if you opt for a home brew bottle over the keg, you have the option of glass, or plastic. This article is going to concentrate on the advantages of using PET bottles, and how they might benefit you for each circumstance.

The first advantage in using plastic for your home brew bottle is that PET is advantageous in cost, as plastic Is typically less expensive than glass. This is always a benefit for anyone, but especially those who are starting out in the brewing process. The reason is because there are other costs involved in getting started, as there are in any new project. However, saving money in areas that won’t affect the end result will allow a little extra to be spent on other pieces of equipment. It’s always good to cut costs where you are able to, as long as it doesn’t sacrifice the quality of your product.

PET, a material often used in a variety of bottles other than a home brew bottle, is also lighter in weight. This allows for easier handling during the brewing process, as well as for transferring from one location to another. Just imagine carrying full bottles up a few flights of stairs. The difference in weight between the PET home brew bottle and the glass version is going to make an impact, especially when they are filled. You can make it easier on yourself by utilizing plastic.

Safety is Beneficial with Using PET

Perhaps the most significant difference between a PET home brew bottle, and one made from glass, is that they are shatterproof. Even though this is a noteworthy difference for everyday use, think of how valuable it would be in settings where the bottles could easily break, such as the beach, pool, parks, transporting, and even storage. For example, if you are lounging around the pool, you could enjoy a cold brew without the worries of your bottle shattering on the concrete with vulnerable bare feet around.

A plastic home brew bottle is also more convenient when it comes to storage. Since it’s lighter in weight, and less likely to shatter, you can store them just about anywhere you can find room. Most people have limited storage and struggle to find enough room to store anything, especially something as fragile as glass. However, the available storage is less limiting for even one home brew bottle, let alone an entire batch of them, if you choose to use PET bottles rather than glass.

So, you can see the advantages of a PET bottle system are numerous, and well worth looking into. Whether the reason is cost, convenience, or safety choosing plastic just makes sense for at least part of your home brewing. If you would rather not make a complete switch over to the PET home brew bottle concept, there is no reason at all why you can’t use both. Simply use the plastic for when it would be more beneficial, and save the glass for other times. Whatever you decide, home brewing is an enjoyable experience.

Do Pets Make Good Holiday Gifts?

It happens every time the Holidays roll around — people decide to give pets as gifts. But is it a wise choice? When I was in 3rd grade I hounded my parents to let me get a pet. They finally relented after months of nagging and there he was one day, my holiday present, “Tiger”. He really was “my cat” and I even took him with me when I moved out of the dorm in college, but you can be sure my parents were responsible for a great deal of the care from the time I was 7 until I was 19.

Tiger lived with me for 7 more years after college, but not all pets given as gifts have the same happy story. Owning a pet is a significant commitment, and like any major decision, it’s wise to consider all the factors before proceeding. If you’re considering giving a pet as a gift, here are some suggestions to help you avoid problems:

1) Make Sure The Person Wants A Pet

A pet should never be given as an “unexpected” gift to someone; they should have already made the decision that they want a pet, and most importantly, that they have the means to properly care for it. The holidays are not an ideal time to get a pet for a number of reasons: People are generally far too busy to properly introduce a new pet into their home while trying to keep up with all the demands of the season. With parties to attend, houseguests, etc., a new pet can easily be lost in the shuffle or worse, neglected.

A better choice is to give a coupon, picture or certificate that can be handed over and opened at gift time, then arrangements can be made to have the pet arrive after the holidays have passed.

2) A Pet Should NOT be an Impulse Purchase

Do not buy a pet on impulse from a shopping mall pet store. They may look adorable and in need of a home, but unfortunately, these pets are usually stressed, immune suppressed and often come from mass breeders (puppy mills) with questionable breeding practices.

If you are going to get a pet, it is much better to plan ahead and take the time to research your choice of animal. For a dog, find a responsible breeder, or better yet find a shelter or a rescue group. I am a firm believer in rescuing animals from a shelter or from one of the many responsible pet rescue groups.

3) Consider Fostering or Getting Pets other than Dogs and Cats

Animal rescues are always looking for responsible people to provide foster pet homes on a short-term or long-term basis until they can find them a “forever home.” There are also lots of choices other than dogs and cats, especially if the pet is for a child. Fish, turtles, mice and guinea pigs are all excellent, easy and economical choices that kids can enjoy and love without creating much of an impact to your daily routine.

4) If The Addition Of A Pet Is Inevitable, Be Sure To Prepare Your Home

Puppies, and especially kittens are very curious, so “pet proofing” your home is essential. Lock away all household chemicals, keep any potentially poisonous houseplants or breakables out of reach, tie back any electrical cords and keep doors closed. Many holiday decorations like tinsel, mistletoe, wrapping paper and table decorations can be problematic, while certain foods, including chocolate and raisins can be lethal to your pet.

Establish an area in the house where your pet can peacefully relax and sleep. It is much easier on the pet if you can consistently offer them a “safe haven” as they settle into their new home.

5) You Need More Than Just Food and Bowls

There’s a whole laundry list of things you will need, so stock up at the pet store before your new addition arrives. For example, owning fish requires a variety of cleaning and water treatment supplies, as well as chemicals and back up parts. Small, furry pets like gerbils and hamsters need nesting material and other “cage furniture” to give them a rich environment. Dogs and cats need toys, bedding, collars, tags, grooming accessories, and a tracking chip.

Choose a vet, and also locate the nearest emergency veterinary hospital that is open 24/7. All new puppies and kittens need a series of vaccinations. Make sure you get any records containing your pet’s history — this will help a veterinarian determine exactly which vaccinations are needed.

A pet can be a wonderful addition to your household. Since begging my parents for that first cat almost fifty years ago I’ve had animals in my life ever since. As a trainer, I have seen lives change as thousands of pet owners experience the love and joy that comes from owning an animal. However, I have also seen many situations where a pet given as a gift or bought on impulse does not turn out to be a benefit, but in fact, quite the opposite. If you are giving someone a new pet this year for the holidays, I believe it is best for everyone involved when a pet is a planned addition by a willing and prepared owner.

Easy Pet Training Techniques – 3 Simple Steps to Train your Dog

Dog training is an integral part of maintaining a healthy relationship between you and your pet. There are various pet books available at discount pet supply stores, but if you are looking for the cliff notes, I recommend this type of pet training formula. A typical 3-step procedure in caring for your animal should follow these 3 guidelines: Discipline, Exercise and Reward.


A dog more so than any other pets needs discipline. This is simply because the Canine species is one of the more social and trainable domestic pets. You don’t want your Labrador going crazy when company comes over or a Shepherd that barks at the moon. So, in order to train your pet, you must show it that you are the boss.

In the animal Kingdom, there is a hierarchy and this hierarchy is natural in pack animals, such as your dog. So, you simply show it that you are the leader. In order to do this, you must act like the leader. This means that your pet should follow you in and out of rooms, doorways or even on a leash. Never let your pet lead you and if it tries to go around you cut off its path just like a real Alpha male would do. Shorten your leash to 12in if your pet continuously pulls forward on the leash. Teach your pet discipline and never reward anything but the absolute best behavior. This stage requires much patience from the pet owner and is a crucial part of a healthy pets life. Remember you are training your pet, not the other way around.


Another critical aspect of training your pet is exercise. Certain breeds will require more exercise then others. Typically it is the working breed type dogs that require the most. For these types of pets a 45-minute per day workout session is crucial. Whenever possible you should workout with your dog. Whether it is throwing a ball, going for a jog or just walking around in the woods, this time is integral in bonding with your pet. Be sure to have a good dog leash or harness for your pet if you live in a busy part of town.

Typically dogs that are destructive or overly aggressive aren’t getting enough exercise. If your pet isn’t tired at night, run them during the day. If you give your dog adequate exercise it will help him or her calm down and be more responsive to training. Have a spot for your dog to sleep and ensure that they lay down there consistently. For outside dogs provide a dog house or structure and for inside dogs pet beds will work nicely. This again shows the dog their place in this household.


Rewarding your animal can mean many different things. To a pet, reward may mean a treat, a nice scratch on the butt or playing ball. Keep that in mind when you are training your pet. You don’t want to come home and immediately love on your pet, because it may see that as reward for an action. Instead come home and ask your pet to sit or shake, then reward them with a hug or scratch. When you pet behaves badly, you do not hit your pet or hurt your pet, but rather do not reward your pet and ignore your pet. Remember, your pet sees attention as reward. In fact, you should often ignore your pet as you walk into the room.

Have you ever seen puppies or inferior dogs run up and lick an Alpha male? Of course you have, that’s the way they show they are subordinate. How does the alpha male react? He simply ignores them or shuns them away with a snarl.

Now remember the same holds true for this hierarchy. Your pets runs up to you and licks you or jumps on you, it wants attention, provide it only after a desired action and sometimes ignore it all together. This lets your pet know, you are the king and a pet that knows its place is much easier to train.

Pet Training can last a short period of time or a long period of time, but is totally dependent on the owner. When you train your pet don’t think like a human, think like a dog. How a dog interacts with other dogs, how they like to run and play and what makes them feel like they were rewarded. Pet owners often need more training then their pets. Follow these three steps and your dog is guaranteed to respond.