How to Find Pet Beds Online

One of the latest trends for dogs and other pets is pet furniture. More specifically, pet beds. Just do a brief search on the internet and you will see just how many different options and styles there are in beds for dogs, cats and other fun loving animals. Here are a few tips to help you find the right, stylish bed for your pet.

Always consider the weight of the item when you are buying pet beds online. How much the bed weighs will consider immensely and you will more than likely have to cover the costs of shipping when ordering over the internet.

Some of these beds can be quite bulky and heavy and may cost you more to have it shipped than the bed itself. If this is the case, you may want to check your local area first or only buy from online stores that offer free shipping. Although, the stores that don’t charge for shipping often raise the price of the beds to compensate for their loss.

Also be very aware of the size of the bed you are buying. Since there are all sorts of sizes of dogs, you want to make sure that the bed is not too big or not too small for your pet. The pictures on these online stores can be somewhat misleading, so always check to see what the dimensions are before you order.

Where is your pet going to be using his or her bed at? While some owners plan on keeping their pet beds indoors, others are strictly outdoor pet beds. The ones that are used primarily outdoors will need to be much more durable and be able to stand the elements, or at least be washable.

Make sure as well that the product you are ordering is what it says it is. There are many online shopping sites that don’t always give up what they are offering. Know which sites are trustworthy and which ones aren’t.

You will also need to make sure that all of the materials that make up the bed are safe for your animal. This means that the material should be non-toxic and there should be no small, edible parts that your pet can swallow and choke on.

Purchasing pet beds on the internet is a great way to save money and shop from the convenience of your own home. Just follow the advice above and you are sure to get a great bed for your pet without too much hassle.

Signs We’re in a Recession – From the Pet’s Perspective

Dogs don’t fret about interest rates on credit cards. Cats certainly couldn’t care less about whose name is on the home deed – they know they own the place. But even pets are feeling the bite of this lousy economy.

“Pets don’t care if the stock market is run by a bear or a bull – or a ferret,” says Arden Moore, pet expert and host of “Oh Behave!” on Pet Life “They don’t care if they live with Bill Gates or a plumber named Joe. They just want good chow, comfy napping spots, and our attention.”

Let presidential contenders decipher how the stock market slide, foreclosures, and bank closings take a toll on people. Moore is here for the four-leggeds – especially after noticing these economic indicators impacting the world of pampered pets:

1. You still sneak in your itty-bitty dog to watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua, but (gasp) you opt for the matinee instead of the evening show.
2. You try to fool your canine chowhound by switching from premium meaty treats to cheaper, wheat-filled biscuits, but the (canine) nose knows.
3. You try to fool your cat by mixing sand from the local beach into the unscented commercial litter in the box – giving a new meaning to a bout with crabs.
4. You skip your dog’s grooming appointment by adopting a DIY attitude that results in your Bichon looking more like a bug-eyed owl in a windstorm.

“It’s true that most dog breeds live to have a job, but I don’t see them becoming

the family breadwinner any time soon,” notes Moore, the author of 20 books on pets. “These days, we need to be smarter than ever on how we unleash our dollars.”

In response, she offers a pet-pleasing plan – Moore’s Money Tips for Pets:

Don’t turn your pet into a clothes horse. If you must dress up your pet – and she approves – limit her outfits to three. Dogs don’t care if they wear the same collar, cape, or hat on more than one occasion.

Do be down in the mouth. Brush your dog or cat’s teeth at least two times a week, using toothpastes and brushes designed for pets, and say bye-bye to doggy breath. These at-home dental items are minor in cost compared to a professional dental cleaning that ranges in cost between $100 and $300.

Bypass the doggy bakery. Save money by honing your pet chef skills. Make healthy homemade treats in big batches – store the extras in the freezer. Add carrots and green beans to your dog’s chow in the bowl to help him feel full on less kibble. Estimated annual savings: $110.

Score bargains at discount and warehouse stores. Save a few pennies to a few dollars by buying litter, leashes, bowls, beds, and treats at places that primarily cater to two-leggeds, such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Costco, instead of pet supply stores or pet boutiques. Estimated annual savings: $100.

Purchase pet insurance. Pet owners need to prepare for the unexpected. It is far less expensive to purchase insurance when your pets are young. Moore’s Golden Retriever/Husky mix, Chipper, underwent a delicate rectal surgical procedure, and her policy covered 80 percent of the $850 procedure.

Moore’s parting advice: “Pets are our priceless allies. Remember, doggy kisses and full-throttle cat purrs are always free.”

How to Buy Pet Meds From Australia

No matter if you’re a dog lover or a cat lover, there is no reason why you can’t get top quality pet meds and save money at the same time. This is particularly pertinent given the current global economic condition.

Saving money on genuine pet medicines can be achieved by looking beyond your local market and assessing prices in different regions and countries. The manufacturer/distributor will price their products differently depending on the regional market they are selling in. They will typically price to maximise their profit, rather than the associated costs in research & development, mass-production and marketing.

Based on extensive investigation and comparisons of hundreds of online pet meds stores, I have been able to conclude that Australian prices for pet medications are amongst the lowest in the developed English-speaking world. This is taking into consideration the major countries such as USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. Factor in the cost of shipping from Australia to your door (typically around $5) and you’re very likely to be still pocketing a significant saving.

But you might ask…what are the associated risks or areas of concern when buying pet medications abroad from countries like Australia?

One:  What is the risk of fraud or receiving counterfeit pet meds?

There is no value in risking your pet’s health to potentially fake or counterfeit pet medications. If you want to save money, generally speaking, Australian websites can sell much for much cheaper without some of the associated risks of buying from unknown or questionable countries.

Australia is an advanced economy, so the economic penalties of conducting fraud or selling counterfeit pet meds are high. Australian-based vendors simply wouldn’t risk it. You should be able to buy with confidence that you’ll get genuine pet medications from Australia.

Two: Are there any notable differences between Australian-based pet meds and those sold in my home country?

The petmeds themselves that are sold throughout the world are typically manufactured in the same factory. As the petmeds roll off the production line they are stamped and packaged with the appropriate regulatory information depending on the regional market it will be sold in. For instance, Australian pet meds will not have the FDA and EPA regulatory information printed on the packaging. Additionally, Australian uses the metric system so the boxes will be labelled in kilograms and grams as opposed to pounds and ounces.

Other than packaging and labelling, there are no other differences in the pet medicine. The pet medications will be equally as effective, with the same mode of application (e.g. topical solution on the back of the neck in-between the shoulder blades), etc.

To wrap up the following are the key advantages in buying Pet Meds Online, from stores based in Australia.

The Pet Meds (i.e. the tablets and vials) are typically manufactured off the same global production line and then boxed up for each country for sale. Based on my own personal research Australia Pet Meds are amongst the cheapest available. Therefore, if you buy Pet Meds from Australia, you can rest assured that your pet will be treated with genuine petmeds without compromising on quality.

Additionally, for the same petmed, different countries will have different regulatory laws determining whether it can be only sold with a prescription or OTC (over the counter). Experience has shown that OTC pet meds end up being typically more cost effective than those requiring a prescription. There is quite a significant range of pet meds that do not require a prescription for sale in Australia and therefore there are quite significant savings that can potentially be passed onto the buyer.

However, it is always strongly advised that you consult your vet before purchasing any pet medications online.

What’s Expedient About All Natural Pet Food?

As we all know, from the very start that we decided to take care of pets, we should have inculcated into our minds that keeping pets would mean another responsibility. Moreover, entailed in that responsibility is extending a little of our budget for all their needs. One of the major exigencies would be feeding them. And the more we get to introduce them to various kinds of pet food, the greater chance it is in draining off our wallets. However, providing them with all natural pet food can diminish the excess baggage on pet keeping.

Commonly, pet owners feed their pets with commercial pet foods – which are obviously found in packs or in cans. These kind of pet foods are processed. But processing foods would mean a minus to the nutritional facts that is supposed to be found in the food when given naturally.

A meticulous pet owner would look keenly into the nutrition his pet would gain once he feeds it with a certain kind of pet food. Also, he might get worried about the quality of food and the potential benefits it would give to his pet, as well as the disadvantages. And the greatest chance would be ending up in feeding his pet with organic delights. Well, that would be more advantageous compared to opting for commercialized pet foods.

So why not try feeding them with all natural pet food? If you are thinking on the complications in making one, don’t fret. If you have been eating organic foods and your family as well, then there is no reason at all that your pets won’t get the experience in eating organic foods too. These foods have been proven to increase vitality and health of humans, so it can obviously work with pets as well.

Basically, organic food for pets comes from the scraps of our eaten foods like vegetables, meats, grains, rice, etc. However, if you really want to feed your pets with a different organic meal, you have to opt for buying all natural pet foods for them. This would somehow cost more but still as good as those prepared at home.

Now, if you like buying all natural pet food, here’s what you need to be looking at. First and foremost, the first five or seven ingredients of the product. As they are listed first, this means that they make up most of the food. Be sure to check that these ingredients are mostly whole foods that are protein rich. Another thing is, look for something that is vitamins and minerals rich as pets need these kinds of supplementation too. Vitamins and minerals help strengthen their immune system, to avoid them from being infected by diseases easily.

If you find purchasing natural pet foods convenient, then why not try at stores online? As the Internet is widening nowadays and has become a much useful tool for anybody who wanted convenience in buying, obviously there are a lot of pet online stores which can give you a wide array of choices to choose from. And what’s best is that, before you purchase a certain item of your choice; you can just leave the online store for a while and do a little research about the product or ask questions on forums if the food is really good for the pet. Add to that the benefit of visiting a lot of stores just by staying in one place.

Whether you opt on making your own all natural pet food or buying one, be sure to ask consultations from your veterinarians. As they are the ones designated and recognized to have the broadest knowledge possible about pet keeping and pet health, they are more capable in telling you what’s best or what’s not, for your pets. Always remember, pet keeping requires a little sacrifice on things and on efforts. But the joys they give us are so much rewarding.