Natural Cures For Pets – 5 Natural Home Remedies For Dogs

Are you one of the many pet owners concerned about the safety of the commercial products so common at local supermarkets or pet supply stores?

Many of the chemical names in these products such as flea dip or even dog shampoo can barely be pronounced, and the chemical strengths in these “concoctions” often vary dangerously!

As a result, many dog owners are turning to natural home remedies as alternative’s to the use of possibly unhealthy and more expensive store bought medications.

Many very effective natural home remedies for dogs are products which are easily purchased or commonly found around the home. Such as:

1) Garlic- Many people enjoy garlic in their favorite dishes while cooking, but this spice is also a powerful flea repellent. Garlic tablets are very inexpensive flea control and most dog’s really love them!

2) Epsom Salts- Sometimes dogs have problems such as the footpads cracking, a good method to soothe and keep the skin soft is to soak the dogs feet in some water with Epsom salt added. DO NOT allow them to drink the water at all.

3) Oats- Often times dogs scratch themselves a lot due to skin problems or allergies, and oats are a great natural pet remedy to safely relieve the irritation they suffer from. Blend one cup oats on highest setting till they are a fine powder, add to bath water while running. Let the dog soak for 15-20 minutes and gently pat dry with soft towel. DO NOT rub!

4 )Vitamin E- An excellent natural pet remedy for dogs or cats suffering from dry, irritated skin. Applying a bit of this to the affected areas on your dog should bring quick, soothing relief; especially if administered after completing step #3 above!

5) Almond, Mineral, or Olive Oil- While these common household items serve many purposes, they are really good natural pet cures for treating ear mites and ear infections in dogs.

Natural pet remedies for dogs can be easy, safe, and a less costly solution than a vet when it comes to remedies for your dogs health problems.