Great Pet Gifts for Pampered Pets

What do you buy for the pet parents who have everything?

For most, pets are members of the family. And as such, we spoil them just like we do our children. It is not unusual to encounter friends who indulge their pets to the point it seems the pet already has everything.

When looking for a gift for people whose pet is the center of all things, there are some tactics you can employ to help you decide on the perfect gift for the pet parents on your list without spending a lot of money.

First, the great variety of pet parents’ personalities is unmatched only by the variety of the pets’ personalities. One option is to match the gift with parents’ lifestyle, or you can match the gift with the pets’ personality.

Pet Parent Lifestyles:

The Bachelor

· Leather or padded dog collar

Consider a studded collar for the burly pet parent.

· Sports team-themed dog jersey

Any sports loving pet parent will love these for game days!

· Extra-durable pet Frisbee

Men love playing Frisbee with their pet at the dog park or beach.

The Fashionista

· Trendy dog food and water bowls

A stylish set of dog dishes is a must.

· A rhinestone studded dog collar

Every self-respecting fashionable dog has multiple sparkly collars -one in every color.

· Heating or cooling pad

No one care more for their pets’ comfort in super-hot and bitter-cold weather.

The Home Décor Diva

· Elevated dog feeders

These dog dishes come in every type of material and style that will complement any décor.

· Pet door-bell

Automatically signals when Fifi is ready to come inside after doing her business.

· Bone shaped decorative throw pillows

These cute pillow come in designs to match practically every home design.

The Traveler

· Seat covers for vehicles

No more dirty or scratched up seats in your car or truck.

· GPS locator collar

Never worry about losing your pet in an unfamiliar place every again.

· Pet carrier or stroller

Pet parents on the go will appreciate either of these.

Pets’ Personality:

Working Dogs

· Competition or command whistle

Communicating with your hunting dogs is easier than ever.

· Trainer travel pen

Whether traveling for hunts or shows, a travel pen is essential.

· Joint and digestion vitamins

Working dogs absolutely need to replenish lost minerals and nutrients to keep them in top shape.

Water Loving Dogs

· Dog life jacket

Even though dogs can swim, a life jacket ensures their safety.

· Dog boat ladder

Make it easier for your dog to get back in the boat.

· Poolside lounge mat

Let your furry friend cool down and relax on a poolside lounging mat.

Retired Dogs

· Orthopedic bed

Aging dogs need extra support to keep them comfortable while sleeping so that they get fully rested.

· Pet ramp or steps

Just like people, older pets need help getting up or down from heights they used to be able to jump.

· Soft chew toy

Pets’ teeth aren’t able to chew hard toys like they used to.

Dogs in Training

· Agility starter equipment

The tools available are endless and range from jumps and tunnels to weave poles, a-frames, dog walks, pause tables, seesaws and more.

· Show leashes

Competition dogs are required to have regulation type leashes.

· Ball launcher

It not only throws a ball further than you ever thought possible, it can pick them up, too! No more dog slobber on your hands!

This is just a sampling of the ideas for gifts for the pet parent who has everything. There are countless items made specifically for our pets regardless of the personality of the pet or the lifestyle of the pet parent.

Where Can You Buy Affordable Pet Supplies?

You will find some people who are going overboard or are over-reacting when it comes to their pets especially when they are buying pet supplies. Some of them will often buy things that their pet don’t even need, they just buy and buy and buy themselves to death but for some, this is self-satisfaction already but this can really be a big burden for their budget. There will come a time when the missus will get to complaining why the husband is paying more attention for their pet and paying more for their pet’s needs instead of looking after his own family. Pet owners tend to do that, you know. Hope you’re not one of them.

But there will come a time when they find themselves standing on the edge of a cliff thinking, “I only realized just now that I’m way too spending too much for pet and now, it’s hurting my budget.” Well, you can’t blame that person and sooner or later, he will have to cut down on pet supplies and deprive his pet on the love and care that it has already been accustomed to. And if you are one of these individuals, you might also have the same train of thought.

But depriving your pet of the love and care that it has been receiving can be very devastating for you. So, the best thing to do is, you need to find a way to still buy those things needed by your best buddy but in an affordable way but the question is: where?

First of all, you need to buy wisely and get only those pet supplies needed by your pet and when it says needed; it means only the necessary things. Here are some ideas that you may want to consider.

Water and food bowls are essential so you need to buy them when needed. Buy stainless steel ones for they last longer and are easy to clean and what’s more, pet food will not react to stainless bowls. Just like in humans. Drinking from plastic containers is considered to be a no-no especially when you’ve been using that container for months or even just weeks.

Buy only needed grooming pet supplies and you don’t have to subject your pet to a pet grooming salon or something like that. And to top it all, to really make things feel affordable for you, always remember you can buy cheap yet quality-wise supplies from online stores aside from getting them the fastest way possible. That includes buying necessary traveling pet supplies, toys for pets and so much more.

Today, pet supply stores are getting better in terms of availability and convenience and are getting quite popular and they number in hundreds. But nothing can beat the availability and convenience of buying pet supplies in online stores.

As of this writing, some pet supplies stores have online website present from where you may purchase from the comforts of your own home. You eliminate traffic, eliminate waiting in long lines or even trying to find which store have available needed pet supplies by using the traditional leg or drive approach. You’re living in an Internet world and buying from online stores does save time and money.

The How-Tos of Home Pet Grooming

So, Fido is getting a little scruffy. Pet grooming professionals can be very expensive and sometimes all you need is a quick touch-up. Home grooming has gained popularity in the last 10 years. The dilemma faced by the novice pet groomer is where to find the right animal grooming supplies – you’ll need a variety of clippers, scissors, brushes, and combs. The supplies you need vary with the type of pet you have and whether that pet has long or short hair. The thickness of the coat also plays a role.

Grooming supplies can be found at your local veterinarian’s office. Here you can find clippers, nail clippers, and even small, little clippers that can cut ear hair. This is not your best bet in respect to expense. The veterinarian usually has a high markup in all their pet grooming supplies. The advantage is that you will find veterinarians close to your home and will not have to mail order or order the supplies off of the Internet. You might want to call ahead to make sure that your but veterinarian has the proper grooming supplies for your breed of animal. Different breeds sometimes require different supplies, and if you have a rare breed for your area, it may be hard to find the proper grooming equipment. Veterinarians will also offer a dearth of valuable information for the curious first-time pet groomer.

If you’re looking for more value, and a larger selection, many online animal grooming supply companies exist. Some offer next day delivery and though the shipping cost might be expensive, the quality of the product and the assurance that the product meets your grooming needs is worth the cost. Online pet grooming sites offer tips on how to groom your pet, and they also offer tips on trying different styles and cuts. Online grooming sites also offer a variety of products like shampoos, conditioners, and products that remove vermin such as fleas and ticks. Be careful if your animal has sensitive skin. Some products may have an acidic quality that may leave rashes or irritating marks on your animal’s skin.

If you live in a large urban center, a large pet outlet store may be the right fit for you. They carry pet grooming supplies as well as other supplies your pets might need. These stores often have professional groomers with whom you can make an appointment or discuss grooming techniques. Some have a walk-in policy, while others need an appointment well in advance. The store personnel will offer advice on animal grooming tips that match up with your pet’s breed, size, and hair type. They will also have a large assortment of shampoos, brushes, clippers, and scissors.

No matter what venue you explore to find the best grooming supplies for your pet’s needs, make sure you ask questions and investigate the proper techniques to keep your pet looking and feeling great.

Home Business Start Up — Advertising Sales Consultant

Vital Information:

Start-up Investment:

$200 (1st months advertising expense) $400 – $1700 (computer or laptop)

Break-even time: 2 months

Estimate of Annual Revenue and Profit: Revenue $40,000-150,000

Typical Fees: Commissions range from 5% – 20%

Advertising: Direct Mail, Classified ads in trade journals, customer referral incentives Web Site

Greatest Expense: Telephone Bill

The Possibilities of Owning a Home Based Advertising Consulting Business are Immeasurable

Why? Think about it…how many businesses, large and small, can’t use greater exposure for their products or services?

Why not create a Home Based Business that satisfies the needs of other businesses?

An Advertising Sales Representative, Home Business can be quite lucrative.

Here are two examples of how you might approach this Home Business Opportunity:

Your job as an Advertising Sales Representative is to locate “Quality Trade publications” as well as Classified ad locations which targets the customer of the Company you are advertising for.

It’s best to begin with one niche and then expand into another.

Let’s assume that your specialty is in the area of pets. You just love animals. You read magazines; you attend various pet shows…

If you don’t have an area of specialty, you’ll need to research an area of interest.

You’ll need to contact various publications related to your advertisor’s product or service which provide advertising space. Inform the advertising departments of these publications that you intend to run ongoing advertisements for numerous companies.

Since your advertisements will run on an ongoing basis, you’ve increased the value of the publication to its reader, in that you’ve assisted the publication in exposing its readers to additional resources.

Since you are providing a substantial value to the Publications readers’ and thus the publication itself, request a preferred advertisor’s discount.

Ensure that you are made aware of each publications demographics. You’ll want to know the size of the circulation, average age of its readers, average income…as much information as possible. Record this information on index cards or database for easy access.

On the other end of your business, you’ll focus on contacting various stores and other pet related organizations–in this case, pet stores and organizations. You’ll offer these businesses an opportunity to utilize your advertising services.

Explain to your potential advertiser that you’ll publish their company’s advertisement in specified number of highly targeted publications.

Of course, you’ll inform the business owner that that his or her business can benefit by using your services since your company is able to provide highly targeted advertising at a fraction of normal advertising costs.

You can also offer a “preferred customer discount” which is only offered to customers who run ongoing advertisements.

Research quality, targeted publications and then contact each to request a 1.5 – 5 inch ad. Place 3 – 7 advertisements from 3-7 different advertisor’s into this one advertisement spaces. Of course, you’ll need to call your organization something like: “Love Your Pet-Coop.”

What have you accomplished?

You’ve provided for your advertisers, great exposure in quality publications. You’ve added credibility to your advertisers since there are multiple companies listed.

You’ve increased the value of the publication in that you’ve provided additional resources for its readers.

For the cost of one advertisement, you’ve listed several.

You’ve earned a percentage of the advertisement costs.

Benefits to owning a Home Based Advertising Business

Flexible schedule

Your office is wherever you are

Low overhead

Steady income

Continual growth

Tax benefits

A different approach to owning an Advertising Sales Business

Group promotional coupons from several types of related organizations… Using the above example…a pet store and a pet supply store.

Purchase quality mailing lists of individuals and groups who purchase items related to pets.

Place all of the promotional coupons along with your business card into an envelope and then mail the envelope to the individuals and groups on the purchased list.

Alternatively, you can create a coupon card that lists multiple businesses. Consider using a paper folding service provided by Kinko’s, Office Depot… to fold your sheet into 3 segments. Using a folding service will provide a crisp, professional look.

Folding the page into 3 segments allows you to mail the pieces without need for envelopes.

As an alternative to using 8 x 11.5 sheets, some Advertising Sales Representatives use standard post card sized ad sheets. One benefit to this approach is decreased mailing costs. Another benefit, if you’re just starting out, is that you can easily fill the space of a post card.

Tips for running your Home Based Advertising Sales Business:

Always include your own advertisements when advertising for your customer.

Ensure that you advertise in quality publications

Ensure that you purchase quality mailing lists

Ensure that you ask your customers for referrals to related businesses.

If you use the 3 segmented, full page method, consider folding your sheet with the ads listed on The outside. This allows the customer to see immediately, that your offer is of interest to them.

Pay attention to deadlines Make frequent inquiries with your advertisers regarding whether or not their customers are using their coupons and why.

Operating an advertising Sales business can be quite lucrative and is limited only by your creativity and fortitude.

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