Please Sell My Business! How Entrepreneurs are Using a Main Selling Point to Unload and Move On

Some entrepreneurs take their business and begin the process of presenting it for sale. They find and cultivate that main selling point. Some entrepreneurs hardly factor this process in at all. They are too emotionally connected or looking to expand the company indefinitely.

For some, selling the business is the final goal. They take what they learned and move on. Potential clients ask the team every week, please sell my business. Some businesses are not going to sell because they don’t have concise records, lack a good trajectory, or just don’t have enough time in the world.

Some businesses are on the verge of a great sale, but they are missing a key component. For some, all that is lacking is the main selling point—a gimmick to close the deal.

Find the Main Selling Point

Every marketer angles towards one main selling point or purpose. What is the answer to the question, “why do I need this?” This answer will supply the main point and logic for a buyer to get onboard with this business. Is the business unique? Is it selling in a totally new world? Is it a social media platform for old people, a cell phone the size of a car, or a transparent shoe?

All of these ideas have very clear gimmicks. They would also be a pretty hard sell. The point is in grabbing hold of the main selling point of the firm. It does not have to be as clear as the above examples. The selling point could be an incredible December, which may be appropriate for a Christmas ornament business. The gimmick or main selling point could be the charismatic former CEO.

Cultivate the Selling Point

Find a team who can cultivate the selling point and angle the sale with it in mind. It takes some talent and time to set up a business for sale. This is a piece that many impatient entrepreneurs miss. If a leader takes the time, they can present their business with the best foot forward. They can move ahead promptly and with much more cash in tow than expected.